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The contest «Mister ZNU»

08.12.2006 12:00

Contests of beauty and inner charisma became traditional for Zaporizhzhya National University. The usual participants of such actions are girls, this time the task was to choose the best boy. 11 handsome students of alma mater fought for dear life. To tell the truth, boys were on any flavor and color: real macho, delicate romantics, and even stocky athletes.

In the first contest «The greeting» the boys had to give the vivid presentation to the audience. The second contest, named “My hobby”, revealed, that one students are the best … to kiss, Andrii Zabelin evinced unordinary skills to fence, Evgen Doronin helped audience to dive into atmosphere of the well-known show «Dances with the stars»). The “Final contest” demanded from boys to evince their oratorical abilities. They were set tricky questions, and they fortunately answered, demonstrating their apprehension, humour and quick wit.

As a result Maxim Tetiukhin, the student of the Philological Faculty won the title «Mister ZNU», the student of the Faculty of Law Pavlo Holod became the Vice-Мister. All other participants gained presents in other numerous nominations.

Juliya Cherneta