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Regional Assembly of OON in ZNU

11.12.2006 10:49

In Zaporizhzhya National University the 16-th Regional Assembly of Youth OON (the other name is Zaporizhzhya Model of Youth OON) was held. Its participants became pupils and students of Zaporizhzya institutions of average and higher education and also that of the college “Leader” (town Gulyaipole). The action was organized by the Regional Youth Intellectual organisation «Estonian Club», educational department of ZNU on head with associate rector in educational work, associate professor Natalia Voronova, the Faculty of Pre-Educational Preparation on head with its dean, associate professor Irina Bakalenko, the club of intellectual games of ZNU "Moderator" on head with its president Natalia Dragan.

The Assembly had the format of the “role game”, the main aim of which was to create a document that then would be sent to Kyiv department of OON in Ukraine and that probably would be considered as a possible way of solution of modern political problems.

115 young people participated in the work of the Assembly in roles of diplomats and Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of countries-members of OON. They worked in three boards: political, social and financial and discussed the problems of double standards and separatism that exist in up-to-date international political life, from the viewpoints of different countries. The sections accepted resolutions which then would be handed to special comission at European Assembly of OON.

In course of the final session of the Assembly the first associate rector of ZNU Fedir Turchenko stressed professional and serious approach of the participants and expressed his hope for their best perspectives in education and life, the dean of the Faculty of Pre-Educational Preparation Irina Bakalenko said that entering our University would help them to develop their abilities. Co-ordinator of the project of the Regional Assembly of OON and the head of Youth Intellectual organisation «Estonian Club» Olexandr Lukashenko mentioned that their aim is the positive socialization of youth, organization of its extra-curricula activities and confided his plans to collaborate with the only classical university of Zaporizhzhya - ZNU.