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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Biological faculty became the owner of the unique collection of insects

Biological faculty became the owner of the unique collection of insects

13.12.2006 11:16

In Zaporizhzhya National University the greatest Ukrainian collection of beetles and butterflies appeared. It was placed in the zoological museum of the biological faculty.

Today scientists and co-workers of ZNU on head with the dean of the biological faculty professor Liudmila Omelianchik carried collection to walls university.

The creator of the collection, the radist on profession and entomologist-collector by vocation, Volodimir Chernenko made up his mind to sell his acquisition more than several months before and a benefactor from Kyiv helped to pass it into the fund of zoological museum of ZNU. The collection includes  near four and a half thousand of examples of beetles and butterflies. Some of them belong to rare species or have already disappeared. The collection is of a great scientific value because all the examples are labeled, and what is more, there are data about the time and the place of their gathering. Volodimir Marcovich began to collect insects more than thirty five years ago and visited different corners of the former Soviet Union - from Karpaty to the Far East. According to the words of the amateur entomologist, in our times the amount of insects constantly decreases.

For many young scientists this collection will become the source of new scientific explorations. Now all the willing have an opportunity to see unique exhibits by their own eyes in the zoological museum of biological faculty.

Olena SKOK