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The gift of the famous artist

14.12.2006 11:27

Today in the studio of the well-known sculptor, the member of the Alliance of the sculptors of Ukraine Boris Rappoport the commitment of the bas-relief «Songs of Slavonic Klio» to the representatives of Zaporizhzhya National University passed. By the language of images and associations bas-relief represents the development of the armed forces of our country. Its peculiarity is combination of the Slavonic history and mythology of the Ancient Greece.

The rector’s associate from educational work, candidate of biological sciences, associate professor Natalya Voronova and the head of the department of humane education and upbringing Olexii Fursa on behalf of administration of our  University, its students and staff expressed candid gratitude to the artist, presented him flowers and “The Jubilee Book of ZNU”. They assured that soon inauguration of the bas-relief would be held. Natalya Valentinivna also expressed anticipation that Boris Rappoport would surely attend that party.