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The evening of the Russian poetry in ZNU

19.12.2006 17:19

In Zaporizhzhya National University the musical and literary composition «Stars of the Silver Age» was conducted. It was initiated by lecturers of the chair of foreign literature and the students of philological faculty (speciality «Russian language and literature»).

In 2006 the world cultural community celebrates jubilees of several masters of word, whose creative work is traditionally named the silver age of the Russian poetry. On scene  were recited poemes of Anna Akhmatova, Olexandr Block, Mikola Gumiliov, Sergij Esenin, Osip Mandelshtam, Boris Pasternak, Sasha Bely, Marina Tsvetayeva and others.

The evening passed in somewhat untraditional format: it was really literary-musical composition, rather than accustomed concerto, nobody announced numbers, and every performance looked like a little dramatic sketch. The students tried, first of all, to render to the audience the spirit of that time, when in literature prevailed the flourish mystics, strong desires of and feeling were of great value, and aesthetics was based on contradistinction of white and black. Scene decorations were subordinated to this idea too.

Some students drew the attention of the audience by rock arrangement of the poems by Olexandr Block and Mikola Gumiliov.

Performances of lecturers were more traditional: the associate professor of the chair of the foreign literature Igor’ Kupriyanov sang the romance «There Was a Snow-Storm», that was met with applause.

The staff of scientific library of ZNU also took part in the party, having arranged topical exhibition, among exhibits were books from Fund of rare and unique editions of our university (the early editions of poems by Volodimir Mayakovsky, Olexandr Block et cetera).