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Biological faculty rescues fir-trees

28.12.2006 18:29

New measures were taken to save fir-trees near the building of the Biological Faculty: they were painted by the simple dilution of chalk. That invention interested even central television – all-Ukrainian channels «1+1» and «Іnter».

To tell the truth, the authors of the idea – the dean of the Biological Faculty of ZNU, professor Liudmila Omelianchik and her associate on humane education and upbringing Nataliya Kapeliush had no mind to become national heroes, they only tried to save the winter beauties from fir-trees-vandales.


Now slender fir-trees look like densely covered with the snow: they were dyed  with mortar for trees. This does not harm trees, but bereaves them of “trade look”, and therefore, makes trees unattractive for poachers.


While Estonian defenders of firs protect them due to special digital apparata, in our country because of lack of funds biologists have to find original ways to fight with the illegal blanking of conifers in the city.