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Trade-Union prepared New Year presents

11.01.2007 12:48

A good tradition of the trade-union of ZNU is handing presents to workers of the University and to their children on case of this or that holiday. This year did not become an exception. Sweets, tickets to the circus and New Year performances, to the cinema, the trip of children to Kyiv to New Year fir-tree et cetera became pleasant presents on the eve of New Year. For those actions the trade-union board expended near 20 thousand hryvnias.

According to the words of the head of trade-union board Boris Pavlovsky, the workers of the University have only positive opinion about all the actions. For example, the trip of 20 children f university co-workers to Kyiv New Year fir-tree passed on rather high level and brought vivid impressions for the children. Not less vivid impressions had 45 children, who visited performances of Moscow circus on water.