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Seventh International Contest in Ukrainian language

31.01.2007 12:58

In Zaporizhzhya solemnities on the occasion of awarding the winners of regional stage of the Seventh International Contest in the Ukrainian language passed. Two students of ZNU were awarded: Igor Isaev (the Philological Faculty) and Iulija Prizhko (the Physical Faculty). All the awarded experts in Ukrainian language took part in All-Ukrainian tour of competitions.

Traditionally pupils of 3-11-th forms, students of educational colleges and universities participate in the Contest. In general near 40 children of different age were awarded with Diplomas, Honorary brevets and valuable gifts in solemnities that passed in school of aesthetic upbringing (#103).

At the same day the following tour of the contest - All-Ukrainian – was arranged. Children had to pass written and oral forms of tests. After that pupils’ works were prepared for gear to commission of the Ministry of Education. Final results of All-Ukrainian tour would be known at the beginning of March.