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Modern youth movements and patriotic education are investigated in ZNU

21.04.2007 10:55

On April, 20 at 11.00 in the 50-th room of the first building of ZNU worked two-day round table in topic «Modern youth movements and patriotic education: mutual relations and contradictions». Scientific society of students of ZNU and Creative forum came forward the organizers of the round table.

Director of the Regional center of patriotic education of young people Olena Couznetsova opened the meeting with a lecture. In the first turn she found out essence of notion «patriotic education» and marked that it must be based at state level, instead of on the basis of activity of public organizations. Also Olena appealed to history of patriotic movement in Ukraine. According to her words, the present absence of national and state idea is basic complication in forming of patriotism. In our state there are no place to the old values and new ones have not been created. Modern devaluation of spiritual values is negatively reflected on patriotic movement. Besides, for many people notions «nationalism» and «patriotism» are identical. Olena Couznetsova sees the exit from this difficult situation in turning attention to cultural and sport achievements of Ukraine on world arena, and also in confirming patriotic youth organizations.

Further a student of the history faculty of ZNU Iryna Davibaran made the report «Review of play creativity: role games». In her opinion, role games can be the effective mean of fixing patriotic ideas among our young people.

The first day of work of the round table was completed by reports of co-ordinator of the program «Intellectual development» Nikolay Calinichenco «Patriotic education: the tragedy of the past and present, prospects for future» and the head of the Scientific society of students from the history faculty of ZNU Kim Goulenc «Innovative methods in organization creative activity of young people».

The next day the participants of the action discussed the reports and worked out the general strategy of development of domestic youth movement in patriotic educational context .