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EIT (External Independent Tests) in foreign languages graduates of the city and region prepared in ZNU

07.06.2016 16:16 ЗНУ ЗНО приймальна комісія

Today, 7th of June, the regular external testing. This time graduates prepared tests in English. For visiting in EIT to Zaporizhzhya National University, 227 graduates (a total of 240 registered persons). There was present at the EIT also the authorized person of the Dnepropetrovsk Education Quality Assessment Centre Olena Syrovatko. Our Нigher Educational Institution is the base for preparing of basic and additional EIT sessions since the founding of this form evaluation of knowledge in Ukraine. Therefore, persons work involved in the conduct of tests and their organizations have extensive experience of successful EIT. Instructors, senior instructors, supporting staff created the most comfortable conditions for entrants and timely taken into account  all possible situations.

According to Head of Pre-university training, career guidance and employment responsible for the item of conducting EIT (External Independant Tests) Yuliia Paskevska, graduates responsible attitude to writing external independent testing evaluation . Yuliia Anatoliivna noted: «Most participants of EIT has participated in preliminary testing because the procedure known from experience. This time there have been no cases of violation of rules of conduct. All graduates have in possession necessary documents and black gel pens, keep to all conditions of assembly EIT».
Today for passig testing were involved in 16 classrooms in 2nd educational building.
We remind that the following external independent tests - in biology - will take place on 10th of June in the educational building №2 in Zaporizhzhya National University.

Kseniia Sukharenko

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