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Law elite of the country

31.10.2007 16:24

«Lawyers of Ukraine. Law elite of the country» - that is the title of the book, in which reference-bibliographic data about prominent lawyers, whose work rises general law consciousness and culture of citizens and develops civil society, are gathered.

Zaporizhzhya is represented by only two persons: the head of Orjonikidzivska administration of municipal rada Sergii Chobotenko and the dean of the law faculty, professor, honorable lawyer of Ukraine Tetyana Kolomoets. That is why the presentation of this edition in our region took place in Zaporizhzhya national university.

It is planned that copies of the book will be consigned to academic libraries, they also will arrive as a gift to consulates and foreign agencies and will be circulated by structural branches of state apparatus. Representatives of the faculty presented the book to the scientific library of our university, where it could be accessible to everyone who is interested in formation of law elite of our country.