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New scientific change of Zaporizhzhya national university

05.11.2007 13:27

In Zaporizhzhya national university passed solemn meeting of graduates of post-graduate courses, doctorants and post graduates of the first year.

Post-graduate courses in two specialities: Physics and Ukrainian language – had been opened in our University in 1962. For the present time it functions on 43 specialities, where 197 post graduates study. Doctoranture of ZNU has 10 specialities, where 10 doctorants prepare their dissertations. During last two years in ZNU were prepared and defended 7 doctor and 90 candidate dissertations.

Our university prepares scientific-educational staff not only for Zaporizhzhya region, but also for Dnipropetrovs’k, Donets’k, Khmelnits’k, Sumy, Kirovograd, Poltava, Kherson, Chernivtsi, Lugans’k ones and Autonomous republic Crimea.

In course of 2006-2007 educative year in our university had been prepared and defended 3 doctor and 42 candidate dissertations. In the first part of the meeting administration of the university on head with the rector congratulated graduates. The second part was dedicated to greeting and instructing new post-graduates and doctorants of our university: this year 6 persons became doctorants and 64 entered post-graduate courses.