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Now everyone can take virtual tour of ZNU campus in English

Now everyone can take virtual tour of ZNU campus in English
10.12.2016 09:16 All Top news Museum of ZNU Department of Educational Work tour

All departments of Zaporizhzhya National University try to address quickly challenges, to promote a common, important goal – the transformation of the University into a leading regional higher education institution of the European level. Museum of ZNU isn’t an exception, the head of which, a specialist of the Department of Educational Work Tetyana Bondarenko, is always concerned about updating of the exposition, placement on the page of subsection for new and interesting virtual tours.

Recently, "visiting" the web page of the Museum, everyone interested not only in history of the University, but also of our city has been able to take a virtual tour of Soborny Avenue, to find out a lot about buildings, by which we pass every day, not knowing about their interesting and sometimes dramatic history (more details about this project can be found by reference:
Moreover, at the end of this year a tour of the ZNU campus appeared on the Museum’s website. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the story about the history and present of the University, basic information about all of its academic buildings are in English. You can find out more about it here:
According to Tetyana Bondarenko, such page content update is relevant today. ZNU confidently enters the international level, it is well known in foreign academic circles. So it will be interesting for partners to learn more about the history of the University. In addition, this tour will interest those students who want to improve their level of English.

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