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Week of learning foreign professional language held at the Faculty of Law

Week of learning foreign professional language held at the Faculty of Law
16.02.2017 13:45 All Top news Faculties Law Faculty of Law educational process Week of advanced learning a foreign professional language

From the fourteenth to the twenty-first of February at the Faculty of Law of Zaporizhzhya National University continues a Week of advanced learning of a foreign professional language. Traditionally, the students and postgraduates of the Faculty of Law pay attention to the increase of their level of language training with emphasis on the study of legal foreign terminology, work with the regulatory sources in a foreign language, participation in the professional discussions with native speakers. During the theme week they will have the opportunity to join 2 video trainings that are specifically organized for Zaporizhzhya branch by the Center for German Law of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The classes will be devoted to the problems of public law, skills of professional public speaking and preparation of professional legal documents.

Besides, the students are interested in those events that allow not only to get additional linguistic knowledge, but also to compete with their colleagues in public speaking skills, translation skills, writing essays on legal topics, etc. So, February 15 everyone interested could participate in the crossword contest for German legal terminology. The difficulty was that it was necessary not only to find correct answers, and to do it fast enough.
It should be noted that for the experts of German legal language there will be viewing of video recordings of court sessions, meetings of local authorities, simulated situations involving police officers, controlling entities. It is planned not only to view videos, but also to discuss the problematic issues, analyze the principles of law enforcement.
In addition, during the Week of advanced learning a legal foreign language will hold activities aimed at improvement of linguistic, especially English, professional skills. During the week everyone will be able to participate in thematic meetings with the Professor of the University of Liverpool Kiron Reid, who is an old friend of the faculty. He visits the University twice a year and is always ready to help students improve conversational skills. Two meetings have already been held with the students of 2-4 courses. They dealt with the issues of peculiarities of legal education in the UK, training of professional discussion, public professional presentations, and preparation of proceedings.
The plans for the week also include the workshops on the specifics of regulatory translation, search skills in the work with electronic legal resources, improvement of skills of proceedings preparation. This year the emphasis is on the bilingual training (English, German). Although in prospect there will be a significant increase in the number of languages the knowledge of which, according to the leadership of the faculty, particularly the Dean, Professor Tetyana Kolomoyets, is necessary for law students of ZNU in order to remain competitive specialists in the current legal market.

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