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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Law students attended online lecture of famous lawyer Wayne Jordash

Law students attended online lecture of famous lawyer Wayne Jordash

Law students attended online lecture of famous lawyer Wayne Jordash
20.02.2017 10:30 All Top news Faculties Law Faculty of Law educational process online lecture international activity

The Ukrainian Catholic University in cooperation with the USAID Program to reform the justice sector "New Justice" continues a series of lectures UCU "Rule of Law Lecture Series" of the leading American and European lawyers devoted to the actual challenges and problems in the field of consolidation of the rule of law, justice and fairness. The organizers provide the opportunity for everyone interested to join the audience online. It should be noted that the students of the Faculty of Law of ZNU are the permanent members of such international events.

At the initiative of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor Tetyany Kolomoyets, the law students regularly join such lectures. Thus, the future lawyers of our University took the opportunity to attend a public lecture of the Queen's Counsel, Managing Partner at "Global Rights Compliance" Wayne Jordash (London, UK). The lecturer devoted his presentation to the topic: "International Justice and Victims Dichotomy". The lecture was held in English, but the audience was provided with a simultaneous interpreting.
The event was attended by the representatives of the professional legal environment, academics, law students and all those interested in issues of rule of law and reforming of the legal system in Ukraine. All of them, in particular the students of ZNU, took the opportunity to ask the rector questions on relevant topics and get the interesting and well-reasoned answers.
The representatives of the Faculty of Law noted the informative value and usefulness of the event. They thanked the organizers of the event and the leadership of the faculty for the opportunity to join that important international academic program.

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