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Meeting with students of pedagogical college

10.12.2007 14:11

The faculty of preparational education of Zaporizhzhya national university conducted the traditional meeting of students of pedagogical college with administration and representatives of all faculties of our university.

Peculiarity of this year meeting became discussion of organizational questions connected with implementation of obligatory external testing. That is why the rector of ZNU, professor Sergij Timchenko in his report not only described advantages of acquiring higher education in a state classic university, material and technological base and scientific potential of our university, but also refered to the Project of conditions of entering universities during entrance campaign in 2008.

Then future students listened to reports of associate rector in educative work, the head of Attestation comission Olexandr Bondar, the associate head of the attestation comission Liudmila Komisarova and some others. After close discussion of organizational questions, students of the college went to elected faculties, where they had been acquainted with work and peculiarities of instruction.