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Mister ZNU - 2007

17.12.2007 10:53

Contests of beauty and inner charisma became for traditional Zaporizhzhya national university. This time, not as usual, the task for the jury was to choose not a girl, but a boy, who could be named the symbol of bravery of our university.

In the fight took part 8 fellows of our alma mater. In the 1-st contest participants appeared on the scene under arm with the best girls – students of ZNU, and the jury appraised figure data of boys, their art of defile and the content of the questionnaire (that boy filled in before the contest). Further our boys astoundad audience with their talents in contest «My hobby», and also demonstrated quickness during «Gathering money». The best, in opinion of the judges, was the student of the law faculty Ivan Bukalo. Some others gained titles of «Mister Originality», «Mister Talant», «Mister Force», «Mister Individuality».