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Ichthyologist of ZNU Volodymyr Sarabyeyev undertook internship at University of Spain

Ichthyologist of ZNU Volodymyr Sarabyeyev undertook internship at University of Spain
23.03.2017 13:56 All Top news Faculties Biology Faculty of Biology internship

During the last meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of ZNU, an Associate Professor of the Department of Forest Biology, Fishery Management and Ichthyology of the Faculty of Biology, Volodymyr Sarabyeyev presented a report on academic mobility in Spain on the basis of the Laboratory of Parasitology of the Institute of Research and Food Analysis at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela). From September 2, 2016 till March 2, 2017, he was involved in research and carried out an advanced training according to the program "Erasmus Mundus MEDEA".

Within the topic "Molecular diagnostic of zoonotic infections caused by fish" Volodymyr Sarabyeyev studied parasites of fishes of the north-eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Azov-Black Sea region to identify potentially hazardous pathogens to humans in the fish products. Taking the opportunity of internship at the University of Santiago de Compostela, the biologist from Zaporizhzhya collaborated with a world-renowned group of biostatisticians (Biostatnet) of the Faculty of Medicine, headed by Carmen Cadarso-Suárez. The group conducts research in modelling the dynamics of parasites, using modern statistical models. The research results will be published in the scientific journals which make the list of SCOPUS of the highest rating (Q1), such as the International Journal of Parasitology, Parasites and Vectors, as well as presented at the international conferences, used for the doctoral thesis.
The scientist stressed that he had received a new experience of using techniques of molecular analysis of biological data, as well as work with the generalized adaptive models within the studies of the dynamics of fish parasites. Also, an important result for ZNU are the strong links with the leadership of the Institute of Research and Food Analysis (Director José Manuel Leiro), the International Department of the University (Director Enrique López Veloso), the Faculty of Biology (Deputy Dean for International Programs Isabel Santos) and the agreement on continuation of joint research, publications in the international scientific journals, as well as further conclusion of a treaty on partnership between the universities and mobility of students and teachers according to the program "Erasmus +".
Besides, the scientist of ZNU paid special attention to the financial support of the European universities and a specific training of students. An important factor in the development of education and science in the developed countries of the European Union is its complex support from local, regional and national public funds. This is a variety of scholarship programs for students, teachers and scientists, funding for the development of material and technical resources and infrastructure of universities, research projects aimed at solving local and regional problems in the field of ecology, education, medicine, etc. Thus, there are all necessary conditions for students’ creative development and studies, and in turn, the deep knowledge and necessary professional skills are required from young people. Addressing the participants of the meeting, Volodymyr Sarabyeyev emphasized: «We have to change the attitude of the authorities (as it is in many EU countries, particularly Spain and France) to our University as a regional research and educational institution in order to have means to ensure the necessary research in the Zaporizhzhya region».

Olena Khlystun

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