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New Year ball for school graduates

20.12.2007 11:02

According to tradition, the faculty of preliminary preparation organized the Rector New Year ball for schoolchildren – future students of ZNU.

On the eve of Saint Nicolas day our university gathered for a holiday students of preparatory courses of ZNU and those who came to the University for the first time. During little official part rector of ZNU, professor Sergii Timchenko congratulated guests of the university on winter holidays, and wished them, that Grandfather Frost and Saint Nicolas would accomplish all their dreams in the next year. Then were held interesting and sometimes funny contests with different prizes.

During party concert representatives of all faculties demonstrated their talents: the band of ball dance “Grace”, group “Expression”, show-ballet of the faculty of physical upbringing «Danсe mіx», dance group “Mad” of the faculty of journalism and others. With laughter and applause the performance of the team of the Club of Humor of the physical faculty “Zhukovs’ky street, 66” was met. The concert finished with the holiday song «Haррy New year», during which in the hall broke out Bengali lights, and some of the present began to dance, although the planned discotheque had not yet begun.