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Students study peculiarities of German law at Faculty of Law

Students study peculiarities of German law at Faculty of Law
31.03.2017 08:57 All Top news Faculties Law Faculty of Law Center for German Law education round table student science

At the Faculty of Law the participants of Zaporizhzhya branch of the Center for German Law, students of ZNU, continue their active cognitive activity. So, yesterday, on the thirtieth of March, during a round table meeting, they discussed the structure of the formation of civil law contracts in the comparative context between the national legislation and the legal framework of the Federal Republic of Germany. The event was held with the active support and assistance of the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Tetyana Kolomoyets, who attaches great importance to the formation of students’ professional competence and the study of professional vocabulary in the foreign languages.

During the meeting, the participants reviewed the features of the purchase and sale agreement of immovable property, the rental agreement, etc. Also, a discussion of the "Marriage contract" aroused a great interest. This document is very popular among the citizens of Germany, but it is almost out of use among the population of our country.
During the event, Valentyna Kryvonis, Daryna Levada, Oleh Pelypenko, Oksana Kiryeyeva and Oleksandr Bohatchenko made their reports. They gave examples from the legal practice of lawyers of Ukraine and Germany in the context of the discussion topic.
The Student Chairman of the Zaporizhzhya branch of the Centre for German Law, the 3rd year student Oleh Pelypenko, talking about the meeting, noted: «Carrying out of such themed events is not only interesting, but also useful for students of the Faculty of Law. Thus, a detailed comparative analysis of the legislative framework and legal practice of Ukraine and Germany allows everyone interested to improve their professional competence, learn more about the topics that we study during the classes. We are very grateful to the leadership of the faculty for the opportunity to improve our knowledge and acquire practical skills necessary for future lawyers».

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