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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Professor of Université du Maine gave lecture for physicists of ZNU

Professor of Université du Maine gave lecture for physicists of ZNU

Professor of Université du Maine gave lecture for physicists of ZNU
04.04.2017 15:09 All Top news Faculty of Physics Université du Maine lecture

Yesterday during the visit of a foreign guest, Professor of the Université du Maine Nirin Randrianantoandro met with the academic staff of the Faculty of Physics of ZNU and students. Mr. Randrianantoandro told about the directions of activities of the French University and gave a lecture about the latest direction of research – nanomagnetism, which is successfully developed by the French physicists.

Firstly, the lecturer briefly spoke about the culture and economy development of France (industry, agriculture, etc) and then presented some moments of formation of the Université du Maine. This is a fairly young institution: it was founded in 1977, but it is developing rapidly and today there are about 10 thousand students, including from other countries (students, master’s degree students, postgraduate students). The University has two campuses, where 630 professors teach and conduct research. Almost 90% of scientific research is financed from the state budget.
The main topic of the lecture was a new direction of research – nanomagnetism. Today the direction of nanotechnology is successfully developing, and nanomaterials and nanocomposites are used in various fields: to create household devices – smartphones, ipods, various transformers, as well as in medicine, biology, geology and many other spheres. The Professor elaborated on the research of physicists of the Université du Maine related to the study of magnetism of various nanomaterials and the development of technologies for its management.
The report of the lecturer from France aroused great interest among the representatives of ZNU. The useful information for students was the review of the scientific development of the foreign universities in the field of Physics. The lecturers and scientists of the Faculty of Physics had the opportunity to develop cooperation with French colleagues. The Dean of ZNU Faculty of Physics Vitaliy Horbenko has intention to visit the Université du Maine in May and sign an agreement on cooperation.
Moreover, the Professor Nirin Randrianantoandro is the coordinator of the international program ERASMUS+ at the Faculty of Physics of the Université du Maine. As a result, he invites students- physicists of ZNU to undertake an internship on the basis of the French University according to the program of double master's degree in Physics. The 4th year student Yuriy Radyev wanted to enter a master's degree program at the Université du Maine. Now the student is intensively preparing for final state exams, and at the same time he is learning a foreign language.

Olena Khlystun

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