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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Scientists of ZNU are invited to webinars about the possibilities of the platform "Web of Science"

Scientists of ZNU are invited to webinars about the possibilities of the platform "Web of Science"

Scientists of ZNU are invited to webinars about the possibilities of the platform "Web of Science"
24.04.2018 09:41 All Top news Наукова бібліотека онлайн-освіта вебінари

The Clarivate Analytics Company in Ukraine, in the framework of support of users who have access to the Web of Science platform at the expense of the state budget on the results of the MES competition, organizes seminars and webinars.

Taking into account the new opportunities that appeared on the Web of Science platform, in particular for integration with “Kopernio”, a full / updated April series of webinars will be held in Ukrainian on April 24-26.

Speaker – Iryna Tikhonkova, analyst resource specialist at Clarivate Analytics.

Terms of participation are standard:

1 - Preliminary registration by links,
2 - Start connecting 5-10 minutes before the start;
3 - ХР - not supported.
4 - Check the presence of speakers and audio output,
5 - Allow "popup windows"
6 - Duration - 1 hour
7 - Webinars are free,
8 - Certificates are not provided
9 - The spread of information is warmly welcomed.
To register for interesting webinars, please refer to the links in this email or on the Clarivate Analytics page Information about the webinars is also available on the web-site of the ZNU Scientific Library

April 24, 2018, 16:15
Subject: All about ResearcherID: Creating, maintaining, using
Abstracts: Authorship ID ResearcherID. How to create, add publications, what types of documents you can add, which allows you to determine how to keep up to date with how you can use it.

April 25, 2018, 16:15
Subject: Search and analysis of scientific literature in the Web of Science
Basic and advanced search capabilities. Combining filters and tags, searching for pirate literature and similar records.
Obtaining complete text – Opportunities for “Kopernio”. Evaluation of the selected sample, reports on citation, saving of results. Additional bases on the platform.


April 26, 2018, 16:15
Subject: Selection and analysis of scientific publications for the publication of their own research
Abstracts: How to choose a publication for publication? What is the impact factor, quartile, and other indicators in Journal Citation Reports? How much is the publication worth? Can I publish in the international edition for free? How to draw up a list of literature? Who creates predatory publications as not to be their victim. How to check where I was invited to be published? 


April 23-27, 2018, a series of Clarivate Analytics webinars in Russian (listeners from 18 countries). Certificates are provided. If you are interested in the advanced and analytical resources of the Web of Science platform, including patents, professional review of Publons, and academic writing course, click here.
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