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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Students of ZNU told graduates of Lyceum № 62 about PR-activity and advertising

Students of ZNU told graduates of Lyceum № 62 about PR-activity and advertising

Students of ZNU told graduates of Lyceum № 62 about PR-activity and advertising
24.04.2018 11:16 All Top news Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики профорієнтаційна діяльність співпраця зі школами

On April 28, Alina Klinku and Maria Donets, freshmen from the Faculty of Journalism visited Lyceum № 62 of the city of Zaporizhzhia. The event took place within the framework of vocational guidance work of the department under the direction of Associate Professor of the Depart of Communication, Advertising and Public Relations Tatiana Ivanets.

Freshmen told the students about their choice of the future profession and how difficult and serious it is. The 11th grade pupils learned useful information about entering the university and found out everything about the benefits of studying at the Faculty of Journalism, namely the specialty "Publicity and communication", such as: highly skilled teaching staff, multimedia audiences, and high-quality curriculum. Applicants learned interesting stories from university life, heard about the activities of the student council and meetings with well-known and successful people.

Maria and Alina prepared interactive games for pupils in which they guessed the logos and slogans of famous brands, and also created PR campaigns for their classmates.
Students talked about the importance of advertising in our lives and introduced the concept of "product placement", illustrating examples from famous films. It should be emphasized that exactly that interactive work caused a great interest among pupils in the context of further choice of profession and place of study.

After the event students asked a lot of questions about the specialty and thanked for such an interesting form of work. In social networks, the speakers of that meeting received a lot of reviews.

For example, pupil of the 11th form Anastasia Malyukova wrote: "Masha, Alina, thank you very much for your speech. It was very interesting! I liked the unusual presentation of the material. Your faculty has interested me, it’s the best! "

Another pupil from 11th form Veronica Belendiy adds: "Thank you for holding a speech from your Faculty of Journalism in our class. The lesson was very informative! Everything was in the form of interactive games and that really interested me and my classmates! The information was presented clearly and easily. Everyone really liked it, thank you again!”


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