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Tenth jubilee Students’ republic-2008

21.08.2008 12:09

The Tenth jubilee Students’ republic-2008 passed on the base of Zaporizhzhya state engineer academy in August. The aim of that meeting became election of administration for students of our city.

Our university was represented by students of biological and economic faculties: Inna Derevinska, Mariya Tishchenko, Andrii Khainatsky, Olexandr Ershov, Iuliya Andronova, Arina Pozdniuk, Kirilo Talabov, Sergij Voloshin, Olexandra Litovchenko, Olena Karpenko. All participants were divided on teams according to colours. Two parties contended for championship: ZNU and ZNTU united in the block “Because we think!”, and KPU, ZIUI – in the block «ZP.UA». Balloting determined the first party o be the winner. Danilo Mezheritskii from ZNTU was declared to be the Students’ mayor, and Inna Derevinska – the head of Students’ council of Zaporizkogo national university became his associate.