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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Master students of ZNU have met with American employers

Master students of ZNU have met with American employers

Master students of ZNU have met with American employers
26.09.2018 10:25 All Top news Faculties Foreign Philology Відділ доуніверситетської підготовки профорієнтації та працевлаштування факультет іноземної підготовки зустріч з роботодавцями міжнародні зв’язки

There are made a lot of efforts in Zaporizhzhia national university in order to help the students of senior courses and graduates of the university to find a worthy first job. For achieving this, the staff of the pre-university department, career guidance and employment organizes meetings with potential employers. At the same time, not only representatives of local enterprises and industries, but also employees of well-known international companies are trying to meet with the students of Zaporizhzhia national university.

Recently, the first and second year students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology have met with the representatives of the transport company ProQuality Transportation (Seattle, Washington, USA), the sales director Mariia Serhiienko and the public relations manager Olha Serhiienko.

The event was also attended by the Head of the Department of German Philology Serhii Vapirov and associate professor of the Department of English Philology Natalia Nadtochii. The guests have told the participants about the peculiarities of the work "ProQuality".  It is a logistics company based in Seattle, Washington.  For today, its leadership is looking for motivated young professionals in order to invite them to join their team.  The company was created by a Ukrainian American.  Therefore, today it seeks to create new jobs and provide opportunities for development and employment for talented Ukrainians.  Moreover, for today this company belongs to the leading transport companies in the market of transportation in the USA.

The work which was offered to the master students of ZNU includes dispatching cargo during their transporting between the USA and Canada.  At the same time, the work is remote, so it can be carried out from home, even from another country.

The representatives of ZNU were quite interested in this employment opportunity. The students raised a lot of questions regarding the requirements for candidates, working conditions, payment systems and etc.

The representatives of "ProQuality" also noted the activity of students of Zaporizhzhia national university and their motivation.


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