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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Students of ZNU were told about internship opportunities in Turkey and Bulgaria

Students of ZNU were told about internship opportunities in Turkey and Bulgaria

Students of ZNU were told about internship opportunities in Turkey and Bulgaria
03.12.2018 10:51 All Top news Факультет фізичного виховання Стажування в Турції і Болгарії Туризм

On November 29, students of various faculties of the university met with the leadership of the faculty of physical education, which trains specialists in the field of tourism, as well as with the director of the “AYT career” tourism campaign, Cengiz Alahverdiyev, who spoke about the internship opportunities in the tourism industry in Turkey.

In addition to the students, the meeting was attended by the head of the academic department Liudmyla Nesterenko, dean of the faculty of physical education Mykola Malikov, head of the tourism department Nataliia Makovetska, head of the theory and methodology of physical culture and sports Anatolii Konokh.

Cengiz Alahverdiyev, representative of the “AYT career” tourism campaign, noted that internship abroad is a chance to test yourself and gain experience working in Turkey. During the meeting, the students were shown a presentation about the field of activity of the travel company, about the features and conditions of internship in Turkey for open positions such as a transfer guide, waiter, bartender, guest manager, cleaning lady, maid, dishwasher, etc.

Students were also told about the requirements for vacancies, job responsibilities, work schedules, living and working conditions, as well as the opportunity to get career growth and continue working in the tourism industry. So, “AYT career” provides official employment, paperwork, airfare, accommodation, weekends, rationed working day, food, medical and social insurance, friendly staff and salary (from 350 - up to $ 650 per month plus tips) depending on the vacancy.

Also during the event, students who have already returned from the internship and spoke about their internship experience in the Club Hotel Belpinar (Turkey) and Paradise Beach (Bulgaria) spoke.  Among them are students of the Faculty of Physical Education:  Anton Polozok (3rd year of the specialty “Hotel and Restaurant Business”), Anna Holoborodko (2nd year of the specialty “Tourism”), Karina Bukhanets (2nd year of the specialty “Tourism”), Bohdan Tykhonov (2nd year of the specialty  "Tourism").  They noted the important aspects of working in Turkey and Bulgaria for students, among them are the opportunity to get language practice in English, Bulgarian and Turkish, an unforgettable and invaluable experience, the opportunity to travel with new countries, integrate into a new cultural environment and get to know a new country and improve their financial situation.

So, for example, Karina Bukhanets is convinced of the correctness of the choice of profession: “I worked as a transfer manager in various regions of Turkey and got a lot of experience in establishing communication with people, became more mature and more confident in myself, overcame many difficulties, found many friends, met with cultural sights of Turkey, a new religion and made the first step in a new adult life."

Also during the meeting, students paid attention to various nuances and peculiarities and working conditions as a waiter, bartender, cook, animator and told about their experience in a restaurant, bar, at the reception, in the pool, in a recreation area for children.  Students note that such internships provide a unique opportunity to support theoretical knowledge in practice, the opportunity to prove themselves as a specialist in the tourism industry, improve communication skills with different people, and also help to gain new knowledge, new business contacts, friendships, and acquaintances.

At the end of the meeting, students received certificates confirming their qualifications and internships at the travel company Peninsula Tours.


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