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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Students continue to choose the academic disciplines of the general cycle in the university

Students continue to choose the academic disciplines of the general cycle in the university

Students continue to choose the academic disciplines of the general cycle in the university
22.01.2019 11:23 All Top news

The process will take place in two stages.  From December 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019 students of all courses choose the disciplines of the general cycle of educational level bachelor. And from February 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019 - to make a choice of the disciplines of the professional cycle of educational level bachelor and educational level master. Immediately after their completion picking of groups will be held.

In the prescribed period, in accordance with their specialties and curricula, full-time and correspondence students should independently choose from the list of courses offered to them in the system of Moodle ZNU. The entrance to it is carried out through personal pages and thanks to the access codes that they receive in the dean's office of their faculty.

The Head of the Department of Educational Liudmyla Nesterenko, talking about the procedure for selecting disciplines, noted that professors from various departments developed and proposed a list of academic disciplines that provide an opportunity for students to make an independent choice.  You can familiarize yourself with the list of selected disciplines and their description on the page of ZNU by link:  http://sites.znu.edu.ua/navchalnyj_viddil//vibir_disciplin/perel__k_nd_v__l_vib_st_zts_2019-2020.pdf

Students through the electronic system of Moodle ZNU after receiving an invitation with a reminder about the need to carry out the procedure for the selection of disciplines (on personal electronic pages and by e-mail addresses) must independently carry out the procedure in the prescribed period. After the completion of the time period for the selection of individual cycles, access to the "selection of disciplines" will be closed. After that, according to the results of the campaign, ratings will be formed and students will be included in the inter-faculty groups, respectively, who will study the relevant disciplines of their choice. Each group have to include at least 25 people.

Students who have not made an independent choice, or those for whom it was not possible to staff the group, will receive priority and will be included in the group for the study of a particular course or discipline of specialization, which were formed by the choice of other students. You can get acquainted with the detailed information on the choice of disciplines on the page of the educational department of ZNU in the section "The choice of disciplines by students":  http://sites.znu.edu.ua/navchalnyj_viddil/vibir-distsiplin-studentami.html

We emphasize that to ensure the organization of the choice of disciplines, students need to:

- get access passwords in dean's offices for connecting to the electronic system of the Moodle ZNU;

- for those who go through the selection procedure for the first time, together with the curators, familiarize themselves with the procedure for selecting disciplines according to the “Order of organizing the study of academic disciplines of choice (specialization) in Zaporizhzhia National University”, located by link http: http://sites.znu.edu.ua/navchalnyj_viddil//vibir_disciplin/poryadok_real__zats__yi_v__l__nogo_viboru.pdf

- after receiving an electronic notice-invitation on the personal page, students should make their own choice of disciplines among those offered to their attention.