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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Leaders of the volunteer movement held an informational event for ZNU students

Leaders of the volunteer movement held an informational event for ZNU students

Leaders of the volunteer movement held an informational event for ZNU students
22.01.2019 09:43 All Top news Студентська рада ЗНУ волонтерство Студентський лекторій ЗНУ соціальна акція

Representatives of the ZNU Student Council held an information event "Volunteering = profession?" at the end of last week in the university.

Lecture halls were organized and conducted by volunteer students from our and other universities: Illia Bovsunovskyi (Faculty of History of ZNU), Viktoriia Marchenko (Faculty of Sociology and Management of ZNU), Stella Verves (Oles Honchar Dnipro National University) and Dzvonyslava Kucher (graduate of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy). Also the guests and speakers of the event were representatives of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society - Chairman of the Commission on the Development of Volunteering and Youth Policy, coordinator of psychosocial support in Zaporizhzhia and the region Kostiantyn Batrak and leader of the volunteer movement in Zaporizhzhia region Nadiia Smoliaha.

The event organizers told the audience about the "Volunteering Agents" project from the organization UVS (Ukrainian Volunteer Service). Ukrainian Volunteer Service is a public organization that develops volunteer movement in Ukraine. The project itself is an educational course on the development of volunteering, in which volunteer coaches give presentations and train young people who are keen to join the UVS team in the basics of this type of activity. As part of the educational project, 50 volunteer coaches work in various territories of Ukraine.

To acquaint those present at the event with the very concept of volunteering, the specifics of volunteer activities, etc., the team coaches asked several questions to the participants of the meeting and described certain situations. During the discussion, the meeting participants identified the following main features of this social phenomenon such as voluntariness, own initiative (in particular, pro bono actions), free of charge, social responsibility, self-interest, etc. It is these principles that distinguish this kind of socially beneficial initiative from image actions and charity.

The coaches also presented videos from several interesting and useful events that they recently held in Kyiv and in Lviv. "Dinner without troubles" was held with the support of the Charitable Foundation "Zhyttieliub", within its framework, the volunteers fed more than 80 pensioners.  The speakers also told how, literally one day in Lviv, they were able to organize and attract many people who wanted to get together for the "Public Lunch", get to know and chat, to further embody community initiatives.

It is impossible to hold actions at a high level without proper organization of the process, friendly team and the ability to work together. Therefore, various organizations and charitable foundations are involved in cooperation, among them #Findway, Charitable organization "Happy Sun" , Ukrainian Help Fund for adults "Helpus", which is formed on the basis of organization "Smile of a Child", and others.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society continued the topic of volunteering.  They acquainted those present with the principles of this world organization. After all, it has its own cells around the world, providing support to everyone who has fallen into a difficult life situation.

Of course, a large number of volunteers are involved in the framework of the events of this organization. Therefore, the youth of Zaporizhzhia will find what to do. For volunteers who will work within the framework of the activities of this organization, also receive trainings and various informational activities. Participants were invited to join them in the ZNU.

Finally, the leaders of the volunteer movement in Zaporizhzhia region exchanged contacts with the participants of the meeting and invited them to join this interesting and socially useful cause.

You can learn more about the activities of UVS, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and join the volunteer movement on the official websites of these organizations by the link:

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