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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Svitlana Hlushchenko met with future lawyers of ZNU

Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Svitlana Hlushchenko met with future lawyers of ZNU

Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Svitlana Hlushchenko met with future lawyers of ZNU
08.02.2019 10:00 All Faculties Law Юридичний факультет візит заступника Міністра юстиції України лекція судова реформа

On February 7, Zaporizhzhia National University was visited by Svitlana Hlushchenko, Deputy Minister of Justice for Executive Service issues, accompanied by Serhii Vasyltsov, Head of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Zaporizhzhia Region. The honored guests met with the first vice-rector Oleksandr Bondar, as well as with the dean of the law faculty Tetiana Kolomoiets, professors and students.

At the beginning of the event, Oleksandr Bondar welcomed the guests of honor of the university on behalf of the university administration. He noted that those present in the hall do not need to talk about the prestige and significance of the legal profession and at the same time about its complexity and responsibility to society. That is why it is important that law students, as future lawyers, not only attend lectures and seminars, but also have the opportunity to communicate with leading lawyers in our country, in particular with representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Svitlana Hlushchenko, in her turn, expressed the hope that the meeting would be held in the form of a dialogue and everyone can ask her their questions, because it is this format of communication that is useful for all participants.

Svitlana Hlushchenko devoted her speech to a large-scale judicial reform, which began in Ukraine in 2016.  This reform needed to make amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine in the section “Justice”, in the reforms of the Supreme Court of Ukraine etc.

Svitlana Volodymyrivna dwelled on innovations in the system of enforcement of decisions.  She noted the advantages that judicial reform has provided in this legal sector, and spoke about the prospects for the further development of this branch of law.  Separately, she stressed that judicial reform for its effectiveness must be systematic and consistent.

Those present at the event took the opportunity to ask questions. The student Daryna Kulychenko, in particular, was interested in courses and master classes for law students on the basis of the Ministry of Justice, are there excursions to the Ministry of Justice?

Svitlana Hlushchenko assured that the Ministry of Justice is open for cooperation with the society, and its cooperation with universities where lawyers are trained is not without its attention. On the website of the Ministry of Social Network Facebook you can find the schedule of master classes, workshops, lectures, etc., designed for students. There are also guided tours on the basis of the Ministry.

Serhii Vasyltsov, while answering the question, assured that representatives of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Zaporizhzhia region invite students for excursions and internships.  If future lawyers need to conduct trainings on a specific topic, they can pass on their wishes through the university dean, and such events will be organized.

Dean of the Faculty of Law Tetiana Kolomoiets suggested that the representative of the Ministry of Justice implement a joint project on holding the Summer School on court proceedings for students in order to create an appropriate special course, and later on a certified educational program on this aspect of law. In addition, Tetiana Oleksandrivna offered to train private performers at the appropriate courses for those based on ZNU.

Svitlana Hlushchenko approvingly responded to both proposals and assured that this issue would be considered with representatives of the Ministry of Justice on their implementation.

Oleksandr Hryhorovych presented Svitlana Hlushchenko in memory of the “Anniversary Book of Zaporizhzhia National University” and expressed the hope that in a few years law students present at the meeting would successfully complete the training and join the ranks of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

In turn, Svitlana Volodymyrivna thanked those present for the interesting conversation and expressed the hope that the students will soon be able to join the team of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to take part in carrying out important reforms.


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