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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Masters of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU were awarded diplomas

Masters of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU were awarded diplomas

Masters of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU were awarded diplomas
12.02.2019 14:54 All Top news Faculties Journalism Факультет журналістики випуски магістратури диплом

At the end of last week, graduates of the Faculty of Journalism were awarded diplomas. 

This year 53 masters received diplomas. Now the Faculty of Journalism is expanding the range of specialties, and its graduates will be able to work not only editors and journalists, advertisers and bloggers, but also experts in the field of politics and management, archival, librarianship, etc. Therefore, the current masters who wish to continue their studies have been invited to master a new specialty - “Information, library and archival business (Information activities in business, politics and public administration)” or to enter the graduate school of ZNU.

While welcoming graduates on behalf of the rector Mykola Frolov and the entire university team, the vice-rector for scientific work, professor Hennadii Vasylchuk noted: “You are the highlight of our university, of which we are proud.  After all, it is you, active and creative representatives of the journalism industry, who are shaping public opinion and forcing society to choose the right paths of development.”

He also wished graduates the professional growth and presented certificates of merit signed by the rector Mykola Frolov to active young journalists and scholars - Kristina Sobko, Alina Derevianko, Oksana Kozachok, Volodymyr Shevchenk and Daria Nazarovii.

The congratulations were joined by the Dean of the faculty of journalism Viktor Kostiuk, the deputy dean for academic work Nataliia Tiapkina, the heads of the departments and professors of the faculty Vita Berezenko, Yuliia Liubchenko and others. They awarded diplomas to young professionals in the field of journalism, advertising and mass communications.

During the gala evening graduate students and its participants, were watching videos and photo stories, recalling their years of study and their student life, meeting interesting people, famous journalists and foreign colleagues.

In turn, professors and parents were thanked by graduate students Zlata Zubkova, Oksana Kozachok, Nataliia Barannyk and Lolita Habielaia. They memorized their years of study, ups and downs, which contributed to the unity of all in a friendly faculty family. They invited all the graduates to meet at the landmark site for them in the recreation park Dubovyi Hai, which was beloved by students, where they hid a message for themselves in the future.


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