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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Ceremonial awarding of diplomas to graduates-masters took place on the Faculty of Foreign Philology

Ceremonial awarding of diplomas to graduates-masters took place on the Faculty of Foreign Philology

Ceremonial awarding of diplomas to graduates-masters took place on the Faculty of Foreign Philology
12.02.2019 15:15 All Top news Faculties Foreign Philology Факультет іноземної філології урочисте вручення дипломів магістрам випускний свято

February 9 was a special day for professors, students and graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Philology as they came together to congratulate graduate students.

 At the beginning of the event, the presenters associate professor of the Department of Teaching Secondary Foreign Language Viacheslav Aleksandrov and student Anna Mankus congratulated those present.  They noted that this holiday is important not only for graduates, but also for their parents, professors and friends who supported them throughout the course of study and today came to congratulate them.

Graduates entered the hall under the solemn music and applause. 142 graduates received master's diplomas from the Faculty of Foreign Philology, 44 of them got diplomas with honors.

Masters were met by the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Philology, associate professor Halyna Moroshkina, as well as the deputy dean for Academic Affairs, associate professor, Kateryna Vasylyna and deputy dean for scientific work, associate professor Maryna Vorobiova.

When the faculty members entered the hall, the masters met them standing with loud applause.

After the ceremonial performance of the anthem of Ukraine, Yurii Kahanov, vice-rector for scientific work and education, congratulated the graduates on behalf of the university rector Mykola Frolov.

The dean of the faculty of foreign philology Halyna Moroshkina congratulated all those present in the hall, thanked the professors for their work, and the parents for their support and fruitful cooperation. She recalled the glorious history of the faculty, which is already half a century old, and congratulated the masters with excellent learning results.  She also noted that this issue is very talented, creative and friendly. The graduates-masters were also warmly congratulated by the representatives of the faculty, and the vice-rector Yurii Kahanov and the dean Halyna Moroshkina awarded the best graduates of the magistracy for achievements in scientific and international activities with certificates of honor.

After the joint performance of the student’s hymn “Gaudeamus”, the dean Halyna Moroshkina and her deputies handed diplomas to graduates of full-time and part-time courses.

The graduates themselves thanked the faculty and assured them that they would never forget their years of study.

Vocal and choreographic performances of both graduates and undergraduate students created a wonderful holiday atmosphere.

The holiday ended with joint photos to commemorate this solemn event.


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