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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Graduates of the Faculty of History of ZNU received master's degrees

Graduates of the Faculty of History of ZNU received master's degrees

Graduates of the Faculty of History of ZNU received master's degrees
18.02.2019 11:40 All Top news Faculties History Випускний історики

On February 15, a gala evening was held on the occasion of awarding diplomas to graduates-masters of the history department of Zaporizhzhia National University. Thirty masters of full-time and part-time education received documents of higher education, 10 of them received diplomas with honors.

Representatives of the administration, professors and parents came to congratulate the graduates on the holiday. The holiday was opened by the vice-rector for scientific work of ZNU, doctor of historical sciences, professor, professor of the Faculty of History Hennadii Vasylchuk, who presented diplomas to graduates with honors. He noted that historical education is the basic fundamental preparation of graduates. In addition, Hennadii Mykolaiovych wished graduates to be positive-minded, healthy, courageous, and confident in their abilities and actions, to have their own motivation, always strive for self-improvement, to realize their skills and abilities. The dean of the faculty, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor Volodymyr Milchev congratulated the graduates and wished them to achieve a high professional level, to be realized in life and urged to always remember their professors and native university.

The graduates of the correspondence department were congratulated and presented diplomas by the Head of the Department of History of Ukraine Serhii Liakh.

At the end of the holiday, the participants of the event were presented with a selection of memorable photos of graduates and a concert program.






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