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A new step of ZNU to Euro integration

18.11.2008 11:30 Євроінтеграція міжнародна співпраця Візит визначних людей

Guests from France paid a working visit to Zaporizhzhya national university – associate rector in science of University Dumen (Leman, France) Michele Pezeril and the dean of the faculty of science and engineering of the same university Ramdan Ait. Their meeting with direction and representatives of different faculties of ZNU has been prepared by exerted preparation to collaboration between our universities.

In November of the last year on exhibition in Dnipropetrovs’k an idea of bilingual study of specialists in natural specialities arose, that could give an opportunity to get double diplomas – both Ukrainian and European. Guests from France had already visited our university in February and got acquainted with lecturers from physical, mathematical and biological faculties and discussed prospects of subsequent collaboration. Delegation from ZNU visited Dumen, where the official treaty was concluded concerning associate training of specialists. Now in our university lasts intensive linguistic training of students and lecturers to future study abroad.

During the meeting of the guests of our university with the rector of ZNU professor Sergij Timchenko a lot of concrete proposals concerning opportunities of subsequent collaboration were expressed. For instance, to take students of the fifth year of the physical faculty to the first year of the post graduate faculty of Dumen University (post graduate study in France lasts two years), to organize the visit of French lecturers to our university to deliver lectures, during which students of the faculty of foreign philology could come in the role of synchronous interpreters.


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