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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The winners of the post-graduate students competition in the framework of the international program EUROPROC were determined in Zaporizhzhia National University

The winners of the post-graduate students competition in the framework of the international program EUROPROC were determined in Zaporizhzhia National University

The winners of the post-graduate students competition in the framework of the international program EUROPROC were determined in Zaporizhzhia National University
26.02.2019 13:07 All Top news Університет проектна діяльність молода наука відділ аспірантури і докторантури конкурс проектів аспірантів

A few days ago, the defense of competitive projects by graduate students of ZNU who have just completed the “European Project Culture” training course (Jean Monnet's project on European Union's ERASMUS + program) was held in Zaporizhzhia National University for the second time. 14 project groups presented interesting and useful ideas to the competent jury. Team of the jury consisted of EUROPROC project coordinator in ZNU, Viktoriia Meniailo, as well as vice-rector for scientific, pedagogical and educational work Oleksandr Hura, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work, Yurii Kahanov, and associate professor of the Department of Forest biology, Hunting and Ichthyology Volodymyr Sarabieiev.

At the beginning of the event, Viktoriia Meniailo thanked all the participants with their completion of tasks and mentioned that they demonstrated a high level of preparation after the course.

Projects which were prepared by a single developer or an entire team were submitted to the jury for consideration. Some of them were sent for implementation at the university, others can be implemented at the city and regional level, or even all over Ukraine.

Several of these projects have already been successfully developed and can be accomplished at the level of rural communities. Some of the graduate students are only planning to submit a project to competitions that are funded by the city, regional budget, national or international grants and programs. By the way, it was the advice that designers received from representatives of the jury.  This may be the competitions “We are a cityxz” (from PJSC “Zaporizhstal”) in particular or the international project “Active citizens” (program of the British Council), which have gained popularity among citizens and professors of ZNU.

The authors of the developments defined the project objectives, relevance, as well as the possibilities of its promotion, and sources of funding during the presentation. They created and presented many interesting and wholesome ideas. Serhii Shadov, professor of ZNTU, offered a practical “STM Microcontrollers Programming Course”. Also, a graduate student of the Faculty of Mathematics Oksana Choporova, together with a representative of the Faculty of History of ZNU, Daria Kostiuk presented a project of creating a mobile application and a website called “History and computer application”, which can be useful while studying the history of the native land. School teacher Tetiana Peretiatko plans to create a thematic circle "Young vocabulary" for students of 9-11 grades.  Valeriia Diachkova presented a project for creating the “House of Happiness”, which will be concentrated on preventing the outflow of young people from the village.

Each of the projects was publicly discussed by jury members and participants during the meeting. They also put some questions to the authors of the projects, pointed out the shortcomings and advised what they need to improve.

The 1st place took a charity project for orphans “Children's Smiles” (group of authors: Alisa Ivanova, Yuliia Alekseienko, Oleksandra Bekasova, Yaroslava Zuienko and Daria Olefirenko).

II place was given to the intellectual and entertaining innovative Club "Trigonal-space chess" (Aksiniia Rus-Poltavska, Evelina Bazhmina, Mykhailo Tkachenko).

The third place was taken by the project “Successful Youth” (Mariia Karpenko), the project “Academy of Professions” (Nikonov Roman, Anna Vasylieva, Tetiana Hruzova, Hanna Domochka, Ruslana Koval, Anastasiia Chupis and Kateryna Shupchynska), training course for young professors “Teacher  rules! ” (Marharyta Siedakova and Anna Tolmatova).

The winners of the competition were awarded certificates of honor, and all participants of the event received certificates confirming passing the course “Fundamentals of European Project Culture” (Jean Monnet's module on the Erasmus+ program).

At the end of the meeting, the members of the jury thanked the participants for their responsible attitude towards their projects, as well as for interesting ideas and suggestions. Some of them are going to be implemented at ZNU.


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