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ZNU Press Centre News / News / 35 graduate students joined the ranks of scholars of Zaporizhzhia National University

35 graduate students joined the ranks of scholars of Zaporizhzhia National University

35 graduate students joined the ranks of scholars of Zaporizhzhia National University
14.03.2019 10:26 All Top news Відділ аспірантури і докторантури вступна кампанія до аспірантури вручення посвідчень аспірантам

On March 14, Zaporizhzhia National University welcomed 35 postgraduates who joined the ranks of scholars of our university as part of the first stage of the admission campaign 2019.

For several years, our university has been recruiting for graduate school in two stages in accordance with the Rules of Admission. Thus, there is the possibility for master students who have just received higher education diplomas to admit for graduate school. The solemn meeting of the graduate students was attended by vice-rector for scientific work Hennadii Vasylchuk and vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work Yurii Kahanov.

Hennadii Mykolaiovych turned to the graduate students, and mentioned that administration of the university will support them on the way of their professional growth, and give practical advice on the organization of scientific activities. Hennadii Vasylchuk also took part in the ceremony of awarding certificates to graduate students.

During the speech, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work Yurii Kahanov discussed the main parameters of PhD training in ZNU, the activities of the specialized scientific councils of ZNU, and modern information systems used in postgraduate training. Yurii Olehovych drew attention to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 06.03.2019, № 167 “Conducting of an experiment to doctorate Philosophy.”

A characteristic feature of this introductory campaign was a variety of specialties. Enrollment took place on 13 licensed specialties, where the specialties 122 "Computer science and information technology", 073 "Management", and 081 "Law" became the leaders ones.

It is worth noting that a significant part of graduate students have several publications in their assets, and experience of participating in conferences at various levels.

According to the current legislation, young scholars have received the status of applicants for higher education of the third (educational and scientific) level, and the result of their training should be the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The educational process for graduate students began in March in a practical course of the English language, which should become the basis for the preparation of international tests in the future on the European recommendations of language education.

Subsequently, special emphasis in teaching graduate students will be dedicated to issues of academic virtue, preventing academic plagiarism, mastering foreign methodology, the ability to publish in foreign peer-reviewed publications, and participation in grant programs and projects.

The second wave of enrollment in graduate school will be held in August-September 2019 and both on the terms of the contract (at the expense of individuals and legal entities), and at the expense of the state order.



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