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ZNU Press Centre News / News / During the forum of the Alumni Association on the Faculty of Journalism was opened a new laboratory and was laid an alley in honor of the students of the faculty

During the forum of the Alumni Association on the Faculty of Journalism was opened a new laboratory and was laid an alley in honor of the students of the faculty

During the forum of the Alumni Association on the Faculty of Journalism was opened a new laboratory and was laid an alley in honor of the students of the faculty
09.04.2019 12:55 All Top news Faculties Journalism DESTIN Установчий форум Асоціації випускників факультету журналістики Лабораторія мультимедійної журналістики Алея випускників факультету журналістики

The founding forum of the newly established Alumni Association was held on the Faculty of Journalism of Zaporizhzhia National University. During the event, graduates of different years gathered together, among them were well-known journalists, professors, students, as well as mass media specialists, who fruitfully cooperate with ZNU.

Guests were greeted with a concert which was held near the Academic Building 2. The event was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Viktor Kostiuk, who congratulated all the participants of the forum and addressed everyone with words of gratitude for supporting the idea of creating the Alumni Association.

Several well-known graduates of the faculty also had short speeches, namely Nataliia Aharkova, director of the “Velykyi Luh” media holding, and Sofiia Bohutska, the correspondent of the “STB” channel in Dnipro. Celebrations continued with the laying of the Alley of graduates of the Faculty of Journalism.

Ceremonial opening of forum of Alumni Association of ZNU began with the presentation of the Vice-rector for scientific work Hennadii Vasylchuk. He noted that the university is actively developing, reaching a new level of its development in the direction of the European vector.

Viktoriia Kovpak, Professor of the Department of Theory of Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, presented the Regulations on the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Journalism, after which it was discussed and approved. Moreover, Kateryna Sirinok-Dolharova, deputy dean of the Faculty of Journalism was elected as a chairman of the Association, as well as members of the board, in particular Tetiana Khitrova, Sofiia Bohutska, Ruslan Kerimov, Vladyslav Rybalevskyi, Oleksandra Davydenko, Zlata Zubkova, Anastasiia Kondryko, Yurii Kostiuk.

In turn, the newly elected chairman of the Association Kateryna Sirinok-Dolharova presented a work plan for 2019-2020. The matter concerns conducting numerous trainings and workshops for students and applicants, organizing meetings in the format of "coffee with a graduate" (recording at the studio "Universe-TV", communication "Q&A"), the annual forum-meeting of graduates to discuss topical  media problems, networking, exchange of experience, annual media festival, competitions from graduates, internships in the media, internship.

The final chord of the forum was the discussion “The quality of journalistic education in Ukraine: problems and prospects”.

Another important issue for discussing the further development of the Journalism Department was the place and role of active grant activities. For example, among the main current achievements is participation in the Erasmus+ project (direction KA2) “Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism” (DESTIN). By the way, the partners of this consortium are more than 50 representatives from 20 institutions and universities of Europe and Ukraine.  Among them are four European universities: Bath Spa University (UK), Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, Linnaeus University, Sweden, and Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Ireland and ten Ukrainian Universities. And also among partners were professional organizations: World University Service (Austria), Ethnical Journalism Network, United Kingdom, European Journalism Training Association, Netherlands, PO "Hromadkse Radio", Ukraine and NGO "Ukrainian Association of Students". Key stages in the implementation of the project’s tasks, which are outlined for three years (2019-2021): an audit of bachelor and master’s journalism programs at ten universities who participate in the consortium, interviewing of students and graduates of the journalist’s faculties regarding the quality of educational programs, as well as ways of cooperation with media workers and employers.

At the end of the event, the deputy dean and chairman of the Association and the initiator of its creation, Kateryna Sirinok-Dolharova, noted that the structure now faces many tasks and serious work lies ahead, because the university is being integrated into the global and European space. In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism Viktor Kostiuk thanked the graduates for participating in the Forum of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Journalism, in particular: Anatolii Serdiuk, Sofiia Bohutska, Anna Zhuk, Ihor Samokysh, Olha Lebedieva, Zlata Zubkova, Olha Zhukova, Olha Prykhodko, Oleksandra Davydenko, Yuliia Liubchenko, Anna Baranetska, Yurii Kostiuk, Anastasiia Kondryko, Serhii Kolupov, Ruslan Kerimov, Oksana Shmalko, Vitalii Babenko, Oleksandra Usenko and others.

After the forum and a coffee break there was another important event for the participants such as the opening of the Multimedia Journalism Laboratory of ZNU.  This was possible owing to cooperation of Zaporizhzhia National University and the Faculty of Journalism with the public organization Union of Young Independent Journalists (in the framework of the project Bureau of Analytical Investigative Journalism).  In the near future, as part of the implementation of other grant programs, new computer equipment, video equipment, and appropriate software will also appear here, which will allow the audience to be used as a newsroom. The right to cut the ribbon of the Multimedia Journalism Laboratory was granted to the Vice-rector for scientific work Hennadii Vasylchuk and the Dean Viktor Kostiuk. The first event, which took place in the laboratory, was the training of a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism, the correspondent of the program “Vikna” of “STB” channel in Dnipro city Sofiia Bohutska. The leading topic was the discussion of the specifics of the special correspondent.

In addition, other workshops from graduates of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU continued on the faculty at the same time.

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