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ZNU Press Centre News / News / 260 applicants visited Zaporizhzhia national University for passing EIE in physics

260 applicants visited Zaporizhzhia national University for passing EIE in physics

260 applicants visited Zaporizhzhia national University for passing EIE in physics
03.06.2019 10:37 All Top news Відділ доуніверситетської підготовки, профорієнтації та працевлаштування Університет відділ доуніверситетської підготовки профорієнтації та працевлаштування ЗНО з фізики вступ-2019

On May 30, the next stage of the main session of external independent evaluation was held on the basis of Zaporizhzhia National University. 260 graduates of institutions of secondary education from Zaporizhzhia and its region took part in the EIE in physics.

Halyna Mykytiv, the head of the department for pre-university training, career guidance and employment who is also responsible for EIE, mentioned that this time 19 audiences were used from the audience fund of Academic Building 2. 20 senior instructors, 19 instructors and 6 duty officers participated in EIE Among them were both professors and employees of ZNU, and teachers of Zaporizhzhia schools.

All of them have extensive experience in conducting external independent evaluation. This allows them to work well and smoothly during the main session of EIE.

The observance of all the nuances of the procedure of external independent testing and the high organizational level of the work of the entire staff of EIE point was noted by the authorized person of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment Olena Penkova.

Before starting the execution of tasks of external independent evaluation, all participants heard instructions dedicated to the rules of behavior during the examination. During writing the tests, they adhered to all the rules, so the procedure for checking their knowledge was clear and without any violations.

After the time for writing the test was over, all participants came to the point to get notebooks with the tasks that were used as drafts.  Thanks to these materials, they will be able to verify the correctness of the assignments and calculate the approximate score obtained in the preparation of this EIE. Those who, for certain reasons could not take those notebooks that day can visit the Academic Building 2, aud.  204, 209 and get notebook back.

It should be remembered that, external independent evaluation in history of Ukraine will be held on the basis of ZNU on June 4. It is traditionally quite popular among applicants. After all, the certificate of passing EIE in this subject is needed for admission to institutions of higher education in many prestigious specialties.

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