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ZNU Press Centre News / News / Students of ZNU have the opportunity to receive a grant by winning the contest “Being smart is trendy”

Students of ZNU have the opportunity to receive a grant by winning the contest “Being smart is trendy”

Students of ZNU have the opportunity to receive a grant by winning the contest “Being smart is trendy”
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Every year, students from all over the world are happy to take part in various competitions. You can select competitions aimed at obtaining grants for training, inventions, etc.  Students of ZNU were informed about the contest “Being smart is trendy” from the company Open Media Group.  It is one of the leading Internet companies in Eastern Europe, operating in more than 10 countries.

The essence of the competition is to write a small research paper on finance, economics, management, IT, law, marketing, psychology, political science, journalism, and so on by students and applicants.  The main requirement that is put forward by the organizers of the competition is that the work should be unique and should not be posted earlier on the Internet.

Contestants have a chance to win a grant to pay for education in their institution of higher education from project sponsors. Evaluation of entries will be carried out by an independent commission. The authors of the best works are rewarded: for the first place - a cash grant to pay for annual tuition; for the second place - a cash grant for tuition for 6 months; for the third place - a cash grant for paying 3 months of tuition.  And students of the paid form of studies will receive grants in the form of scholarships.

The work should be in the form of an essay. The main idea is an arbitrary expression by the contestant of his vision of the subject matter of a given topic. The study should be conducted on the main theme: “Ukraine: problems and directions for their solution on the way to EU integration”.

The competition started on May 27, and work can be submitted from June 25, 2019. Evaluation of entries by the expert council will be held until October 20, and on October 23 the jury will announce the winners.

So, if you want to become a grant holder, remember: the last day for submission of work is September 30, 2019!

http://www.likar.info/coolhealth/news-80853-vimogi-do-napisannya-robit-dlya-konkursu-rozumnim-buti-modno/– requirements for writing papers and detailed information about the competition.

education@likar.info – mailbox. Section "To the competition".


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