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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The first graduation of bachelors of the Engineering Institute of ZNU took place

The first graduation of bachelors of the Engineering Institute of ZNU took place

The first graduation of bachelors of the Engineering Institute of ZNU took place
05.07.2019 12:05 All Top news Інженерний інститут ЗНУ Інженерний інститут факультет будівництва та цивільної інженерії факультет енергетики електроніки та інформаційних технологій факультет металургії факультету економіки та менеджменту центр культури ЗНУ вручення дипломів бакалаврам

On July 3, the first graduation of bachelors of the Engineering Institute of Zaporizhzhia National University took place in a solemn atmosphere in the conference hall of Engineering Institute.

Not only graduates, but also their parents and professors of the faculty visited this holiday.

Viktor Banakh, Vice-Rector for scientific work and technical education and Hennadii Kolomoiets, Director of Engineering Institute, addressed the graduates with welcoming words.

Viktor Banakh noted that today bachelor graduates made an important step in their life - they got a basic higher education.  Viktor Arkadiiovych urged bachelors to continue their education in graduate school.  At the end of the speech, Viktor Arkadiiovych wished the graduates to achieve everything they planned in life, so that luck would be with them when they would take exams for magistracy or get a job.

On behalf of the staff of the Engineering Institute of ZNU, Hennadii Kolomoiets congratulated graduates on a significant day. He wished good health, personal happiness and labor success. Hennadii Pavlovych expressed the hope that at the institute graduates received exactly the knowledge and skills that will help them in their professional growth.  He also urged graduates not to stop there, but to enroll in the magistracy.

 And finally, a solemn moment arrived, which everyone was looking forward to.  Bachelor of excellence began to appear on stage one after another. Diplomas and certificates were awarded by the dean of the Faculty of Building and Civil Engineering Oleksandr Fedchenok and the deputy for international affairs Karina Bielokon;  Dean of the Faculty of Energy, Electronics and Information Technology Viktor Kovalenko;  Dean of the Faculty of Metallurgy Vladyslav Rumiantsev and his deputy for educational work, Tetiana Nestrenko;  Deputy Deans of the Faculty of Economics and Management for educational and career guidance work Yevhen Merzhynskyi and Lev Feofanov.

Mariia Sur and Maksym Vlasenko, artists of the Center of Culture of ZNU congratulated the graduates and, of course, the favorite singer of students, professors and employees of Engineering Institute, leading specialist of the Center of Culture of ZNU Anastasiia Hituliar.

Concluding the official part, the leaders once again congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of their studies and the protection of the qualification works of bachelors, and wished the graduates happy future and invited them to continue the holiday at the faculties where they could receive diplomas.

We congratulate the bachelors of the first graduation from the Engineering Institute of Zaporizhzhia National University!  Let only success and luck accompany you in life, and new knowledge will help in your professional career. We look forward to a new meeting with you, but already as with the masters of the Engineering Institute of ZNU!


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