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The Day of St.Valentine in ZNU

16.02.2009 12:44

Holiday of all enamoured in Zaporizhzhya National University was celebrated with traditional scope and originality. Bright wall newspapers, mail with valentines, many cheerful competitions and, certainly, the bus of love expected students and teachers.

First of all, in the celebratory morning most active members of the university and the student’s center of culture have handed over huge valentine with own poems to the mayor of our city Evgen Kartashov. Together with other students of Zaporizhzhya high schools, representatives of ZNU have symbolically presented the mayor and all inhabitants of Zaporizhzhya the hearts, having let out about 200 balloons near the mayoralty.

Remarkable wall newspapers, which students had hanged out on all university, helped to create a celebratory atmosphere at each faculty of our university.

At the square before the second educational building many fans were going to observe cheerful show-program with which workers of the student’s center of culture and student’s council had arranged. All interested persons could take part in fascinating competitions. Students were suggested to make a declaration of love, to sing a romantic song or to recite a poem. And those who had coped with tasks better, certainly, received sweets as a gift. Leaders of bright show were the art director of student’s center of culture Juliya Lototska and Victoria Muzaleva (the Faculty of Journalism), Nadiya Mishchenko, Natalia Likhatska (the Faculty of History). During action all enamoured also have received a unique opportunity – “to register officially” the attitudes at native university, during the work of “a celebratory REGISTRY OFFICE”.

Juliya Cherneta