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The meeting about international youth projects took place at the faculty of social pedagogy and psychology

The meeting about international youth projects took place at the faculty of social pedagogy and psychology
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On the 5th of December there was a meeting with the first and second year students of Psychology at the faculty of social pedagogy and psychology. Its aim was to present the general information about the Erasmus + program and told about a specific project, in which students of ZNU were involved.

Natalya Mosol, Vice Dean in International Affairs of Social pedagogy and psychology faculty, had started the meeting by giving a general information about programs of international exchanges and about the prospects of students’ academic mobility. More information was told by students of ZNU, who had recently taken part in international youth project.
From 10th till 21st of November students of the Social Pedagogy and Psychology Department Chernova Victoriia and the Journalism Department Kristina But participated in the “Be confident!” project held in Romania. The project was part of the Erasmus + program. The purpose of this project was to make an exchange between representatives of different countries in the field of work with children with special educational needs. There were representatives from Romania, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. During the active teamwork, several specific forms of the work with children were analyzed: active listening, meditation, self-esteem and non-verbal communication. Each of these points was considered theoretically and then implemented during the interaction with children with disabilities.
Of course, I was a little afraid to work with children, because I don’t have relevant experience. For sure, pedagogy and journalism are slightly different things. But I was inspired by the idea of the organizers - to promote tolerance and inclusivity, so I decided that I wanted to participate in the project for such a good purpose!” – says Kristina, student of Journalism Department.
More than that, an important component of any Erasmus + project is the ability to increase English proficiency. For Victoriya, communication in foreign languages for two weeks seemed like an enormous barrier, but in practice it turned out to be easy and even funny because the atmosphere in the team was friendly. The practice of working with children with special educational needs, as well as the opportunity to analyze the experience of other countries and their specifics in the field of inclusive education, was quite important for the future psychologist.
I am sure that I would never try this form of work without this project. I would definitely be afraid to hurt children, to make some mistakes. But “Be confident!” really increased my inner strength and self-confidence!” - shares Victoriya.
Except fundamental analysis of the four components of work with children with special educational needs, there was also a flashmob organized by participants in the city of Iasi. The aim of flashmob was to draw attention to the importance of involving all people in social processes. One of the most emotional results of the work of the large team was the forum-theater performance presented in one of the schools of Comanesti. The actors played orphaned children in a shelter and showed the students why it is necessary to be tolerant and kind to all people.
Victoriya and Kristina are grateful to the sending organization “Development and Initiative” and to the hosting organization “AGES” for the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus + program, as well as to the Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Psychology and to the Faculty of Journalism for their support at all stages of the project.
They shared their experience and knowledge to the students of the first and second year, encouraged them to participate in international programs, because it is a good way to gain interesting professional experience. Girls presented specific project in which they had taken part and also shared valuable information about where to look for opportunities and how to write a motivation letter correctly to succeed. For greater involvement, the students conducted several non-formal learning exercises. The event was held with support from the Dean of the Faculty Olga Ponomarenko and was organized by head of the chair of psychology Natalya Guba and associate professor Natalya Mosol.

Kristina But,
Victoriya Chernova

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