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ZNU Press Centre News / News / The Faculty of Journalism established the Employers' Supervisory Board

The Faculty of Journalism established the Employers' Supervisory Board

The Faculty of Journalism established the Employers' Supervisory Board
10.12.2019 14:05 All Top news Відділ доуніверситетської підготовки, профорієнтації та працевлаштування Faculties Journalism Faculty of Journalism Erasmus + KA2 DESTIN Project Employers' Supervisory Board

On December 5, a meeting with editors and journalists from Zaporozhzhia mass media took place at the Faculty of Journalism. Among them were N. Agarkova (Head of the information portal ""), A. Vavilov (TV presenter, journalist of "TV-5", editor of the Internet-media "First Zaporizhzhia"), L. Dolzhenko (producer at the radio "UA Public: Zaporizhzhia"), A. Chuprina (journalist of the newspaper "MIG"), D. Zlochevsky (editor-in-chief of the program "News" on "TV-5"), O. Lebedeva (chief editor of the Alex TV news department), A. Nepomyashcha (editor of the "Industrialka" site), L. Starodvorska (newspaper "Citizen Inform"), O. Chubukin (editor of the information portal" Accent").

The journalism faculty is currently updating journalism educational curriculum under the Erasmus + KA2 DESTIN project. An important step in working on the new curricula is to discuss the trends of the local press and the current state of young journalists training with employers who can give their assessments and advices on improving the learning process at the faculty.
Addressing to the guests and those present, the dean of the faculty V. Kostiuk noted the importance and value of a format that would improve contacts between "theorists" and "practitioners". In his opinion, such cooperation will allow both sides to have an effective result: successful students on one side and professional specialists on the other.
After the dean's speech, journalists and editors were invited to speak. O. Lebedeva spoke about establishing online communication between students and employers, which will facilitate the process of finding journalists for vacant positions in the media.
Discussing on the subject of journalistic education, N. Agarkova advised to pay more attention to the practical knowledge, motivating aspects for students, also to prepare not a specialized journalist, but a universal one. According to A. Nepomyashcha, students have quality, qualified training, which they regularly demonstrate during the preparation of journalistic materials during the internship period.
O. Chubukin, in his turn, emphasized the importance of the competence and literacy of students as future specialists: "There can’t be anything unimportant for them: knowledge, correct title design, and editorial activity - everything matters."
Other employers spoke about self-education, media convergence, advertising, the ability and skills of promotion of online journalistic texts. The final chord of the meeting was the formation of the Supervisory Board of the Faculty of Journalism of ZNU, which will serve as an advisory body, will have regular format meetings and will allow to maintain a high level of communication between the university and employers.

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