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Foreign students choose to study in Ukrainian higher education institutions

Foreign students choose to study in Ukrainian higher education institutions
22.04.2020 15:50 All Top news Faculties Biology Economy Journalism Foreign Philology History Physical Education ZNU Zaporizhzhia National University міжнародна діяльність навчання іноземних студентів

According to the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, over 76,000 international students from 154 countries study in Ukraine. There are almost 3000 students in Zaporizhia (more than in Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Odessa). These foreigners are from Morocco, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Ecuador, India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and other countries. Many of them study at Zaporizhia National University.

It is worth mentioning separately the reasons encouraging international students to choose a profession. They choose the specialty based on how useful and popular their profession will be in the future. Mostly they choose such specialties as physical education, foreign philology, educational programs of the Faculty of Economics, construction and architecture, tourism, etc.

The students are motivated to study, most of them know what they want and why they came here. It becomes especially interesting to them after the 3rd year, when they have acquired the whole knowledge base. Then practice and study of specialized subjects begins.

The authorities' desire to increase the number of foreign students studying in Ukraine is understandable, as foreign students are not only an important source of income for Ukrainian HEIs, but they also have a positive impact on the Ukrainian economy.

The money Ukraine receives from them even helps creating job places in the educational field, and it also allows the management of the university where they study to invest money in improving the quality of educational services provided by national educational institutions to all students, regardless of nationality.



Alla Strilets,

First year student of the Faculty of Journalism

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