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Studentsof ZNU communicated to the deputy of the Supreme Rada

13.03.2009 11:57

The People's Deputy of Ukraine Igor Kryl visited the regular session of the political club of Zaporizhzhya National University.

Teachers and students of the Faculty of Sociology and Management and the Faculty of Law with pleasure took advantage of the opportunity to ask the questions to the representative of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. Igor Kril noted the depth and professional background of these questions and high level of carrying out the session of political club. Present were interested in the opinion of the visitor on a modern political and economic condition of the country, possible ways of its subsequent development and mechanisms of the output from crisis. Answering questions of representatives of university mass-media, Igor Kryl noted, that the practice of meetings with students is usual for him as it is interesting to him to communicate with youth on which the future of the state depends. Students of Zaporizhzhya National made exclusively positive impression upon the politician.