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In ZNU the problem of homeless animals was discussed

31.03.2009 10:09

On March, 27th in ZNU the question of the humane attitude to animals was discussed. The occasion was the round table discussion on the theme: "Problems of homeless animals in the urbanized world". The organizer of action was scientific student's society of the Faculty of Biology.

The main visitors of the session were Lyudmyla Omelyanchyk, the Dean of biological faculty, responsible for thesite of homeless animals base "Looking for the house"; Svitlana Rajchenko and Nataliya Ignatyuk who deals with the problems of homeless animals. Reports were prepared by students of three faculties who accepted active participation in the discussion of the declared problem. So, student Anna Tkach from the Faculty of SPP and Angelina Cheremys from the Faculty of Biology in their reports concerning animotherapy shone a lot of interesting facts and ideas as for treatment by animals.

But the good, profiting by animals, does not prevent people to behave often severely and immorally with them. The most topical problem at the moment is homeless dogs which suffer from uncooperative altitude of the person more often. Report of the legal aspect of homeless animal protection made by the students of the Faculty of Law Tsogik Mazmanyan became relevant. Having read some laws, the student made the conclusion, that though the laws exist, all of them equally do not use. Veronika Sarska's report, the students of the Faculty of SPP was very interesting too. She payed attention that 78 % of stings fall to pets and only 2 % - on homeless. Svitlana Rajchenko, pleased with that fact, that the number of people not indifferent to this problem became more, owing to informing in mass-media. If you are not indifferent to homeless animals and wish to help their defenders, visit the site www.anі

Karyna Tymko,
the 1st year student of the Faculty of Journalism