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ZNU memorials Oles Gonchar

06.04.2009 10:26 Філологічний факультет Вечір пам’яті

On April, 3rd students and the staff of the Faculty of Philology celebrated the 91 anniversary of birth of the great Ukrainian writer, the singer of Zaporizhzhya region Oles Terentevych Gonchar (1918-1995). It took place in front of the first building near the memorial board which was hung out by one of the first in Ukraine as the memory of the creator.

Oles Gonchar was closely connected with Zaporizhzhya region. Tamara Khomyak, the dean of the Faculty of Philology and researcher of Gonchar’s creativity paid attention to this fact, giving the opening address. After that students memorialed Oles Terentevich, quoting known classical authors of the Ukrainian literature. Students also recited poetry, by the writer’s himself and composed in his honour. Among the last, by the way, there were also two poems by Victor Chabanenko, professor the chief of the general and Slavic linguistics department. Professor Victor Chabanenko affected deeply all present with the frank story about heroic destiny of Oles Gonchar. At the end of the action as a symbol of eternal memory, students left four red roses near the memorial board.

Mykola Zhyrivsky,
Mariya Khaprova, Aksinya Meshkova,
the 2-nd year students of the Faculty of Journalism

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