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Subbotnik at the Faculty of SPP

09.04.2009 11:14

On April, 4th on the Khortytsya Island (the territory of dispensary of ZNU) the ecological action took place. Students and teachers of the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and the Psychologies equipped by packages and gloves, and during many hours cleaned dust, filling with it bags, swept, cleared the ground from faded leaves.

For the sake of a joke students named the action "Khortytsya -Cleaning". Nevertheless, we shall name the 4th April, the day of realization of the Act from the big letter. These girls and boys with high level of ecological consciousness made Khortytsya pure and free from mud - such it should be.

And the Island thanked students with pleasant gifts - the bright sun, fresh wind, kinds of the waking up nature. After the action organized by students, it is breathed even more freely on Khortytsya!

Maria Kokareva