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Day of the donor in ZNU

16.04.2009 11:58

On April, 15th at support Family and Youth Committee of Zaporizhzhya city council, Zaporizhzhya regional organization of the Red Cross of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya regional station of blood transfusion at Zaporizhzhya National University Day of the donor passed.

From 9 o'clock till 12 o'clock in ZNU dispensary a plenty of students from different faculties shared the blood to help those for whom it is the present rescue. According to existing privileges, monetary indemnity and two days of dismissal of employment during an academic year are given to participants of Day of the donor. Besides it all donors were free of charge examined for revealing antibodies to HIV - AIDS and to viruses of hepatitis.

Unfortunately, some students for the different reasons refused to hand over blood and to enter numbers of donors. Mostly it is connected with fear of needles and unpleasant sensations.

If you conduct healthy way of life, are capable to sympathize with another and wish to help sick people, join donors and address in Zaporizhzhya regional station of blood transfusion to the address: Zaporizhzhya, Pravda street, 32.

The student of the 1 year,
Karyna Tymko