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New Terms and Conditions for Entering Campaign 2010

11.12.2009 21:09

Registration for the External Independent Evaluation starts on December 15th. The specifics of the registration were explained by the Vice Director of Simpheropol Regional Center of Education Evaluation Andriy Nochkin at the press-conference on Decenber 10th in ZNU.

He said that 29 special centers of registration are opened in Zaporizhzhya Oblast. The main specific of the registration will be its self-reliance - there won't be groups and school classes registrations.
The External Independent Evaluation will take place after final examinations in schools and its results will be counted as the entrance exams to the higher educational establishments.
The specialists say the process of registration for the EIE will take around 10-12 minutes. After the registration the EIE certificate, which will be also considered as the EIE exam sheet, will be given to the registered person. It is going to be supplied with person's photo in order to avoid identity thefts. In the case of the certificate loss it can be renewed in the Simpheropol Center by March 31st, 2010.

Detail information about the registration for the EIE you can find at www. crimeatest. org. ua or call the Center hot-line: ph. 0(652)601967, 066- 200-03-97