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Law Department Graduates Received Diplomas

05.07.2010 16:20

The festive handing of diplomas to the Law Department graduated took place in V. G. Magara Theatre of Music and Drama on July 2. The ZNU administration, graduates' relatives and friends, famous Zaporizhzhya citizens came to the celebration.

The Law Department DeanTetiana Kolomoets opened the holiday. She insured that this graduating class is special because it is 20th since the specialty founding in the university. She congratulated the graduates and presented the jubilee book in honor of this date.
Rector Sergiy Tymchenko joined the congratulations and handed the diplomas and medals to the best Masters-graduates.
A lot of officials and famous citizens participated in the event. Among them were First Deputy Head of Zaporizhzhya Oblast Council Alexandr Klepakov, Head of the Main Office of Industry and Infrastructure Development Andriy Ivanov, Chief Editor of Verzhe newspaper Volodymyr Kuzenko, Head of Zaporizhzhya Oblast Economic Court Alexandr Nemchenko, Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Office of State Administration of Courts Iryna Belikova, Head of Zaporizhzhya Department of Jurists Union of Ukraine Valeriy Bilenko and others.
The concert followed the festivities.
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